Contents of IJM Vol. 20, No. 4, 2018




3.       In this Edition ...
5.       Surgery: From Past to Present
           Daniella E.C.C.O.H. Kingsley-Godwin
8.       Benefits of Robotic Surgery: The Medstar Story –
            Surgeon and Patients Benefits
             Leigh Matlaga
10.     Disadvantages of Da Vinci Robotic Surgery
           R.K. Mishra
12.     Does Robotic Telesurgery Have A Future?
            Fink Densford
15.     Is it the Dawning of the Age of Artificial
            Intelligence in Medicine?
            Peter Karth
17.     Robot-Assisted Surgery Could Make Major
           Operations Faster, Safer, and Easier to Recover

            Adam K. Raymond
Short Commentary
19.     Davinci Prostatectomy: Advantages and
           S.Adam Ramin
Advantages of Robotic Surgery
21.     Five Benef ts of Robotic Surgery: Adena Health
            Systems Perspectives
23.     Four Advantages of Robotic Surgery

            E. Chinasa Zephaniah Chukwu
Surgical Review
25.     Robotic Surgery: Historical Perspectives and
            Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin
28.     Using Robotic Surgical Technology in Improving
           Quality of Life and Saving the Lives of Patients:
           Exploring the Expert Surgeons Opinions

           Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin
33.     Telesurgery: Evaluation of Trends and Issues
           Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin
Selected Surgical Reviews
37.     Telesurgery: Past, Present, and Future
            Paul J Choi, Rod J Oskouian, and
            R. Shane Tubbs
Surgical Commentary
40.     Telesurgery: Analysis of Practicalities
            Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin
Books Received
42.     These are the Books Received in 2018 for the
             International Journal of Medicine Office
Notice of Events
43.     IAHCP International Medical Conferences
Notice to Advertisers
Notice to Authors
47.     Guideline for Authors 2018

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