Profile of Dr Mariam Tahboub


Profile of Dr Mariam Tahboub, MD

Dr Mariam Tahboub was born in 1989 in Sofia,  Bulgaria, Europe.  


Dr Tahboub finished her school education in Aleppo, Syria.

She graduated in 2015 from Medical University of Sofia in Medical studies. 


She is currently specielising neurology in University Multiprofile Hospital “Plovdiv”, Bulgaria, Europe.


Her fields of research interests are in medical sciences.

Her professional specialties are in the field of neurological diseases such as neurological disorders, treatment of conditions of stroke, dementia and degenerative diseases.


She has the skills of proficiency to four international languages.

Dr Mariam Thaboub is an international Editorial Board Member of some peer reviewed medical Journals of various Academies and Associations, a Trustee/Director of the Association of Health Care Professionals, Bulgaria (AHCPBG) and the Secretary/Treasurer and officer of the AHCPBG.


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