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Professor Dr Daniella E.C.C.O.H Kingsley-Godwin BSc (First Class Hons.), DMED, MMedSci, MSc, MMed, MD, PhD, DMedSci, FRSPH, FHEA, ILTM, FIAMS has very strong early educational background in the United Kingdom (UK).  After her initial education in the UK and internationally in medical sciences and medicine, Professor Daniella Kingsley-Godwin studied in various prestigious Medical Schools and Universities in the UK, including Bulgaria, Romania, Austria and other locations internationally.  She graduated with her first higher Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in 1988.  She also undertook further studies in medicine and achieved second MD higher degree and further higher third MD degrees later.  Thus she has many higher academic and professional qualifications in medicine, medical sciences, surgical sciences and other subjects like general practice and primary care, medical informatics, medical education, social medicine and public health from Europe and in the UK.



She has also studied and worked in many prestigious medical schools and universities in the UK, and around the World.  These include, Guys, Kings, and St Thomas’ School of Medicine and Dentistry, Kings College, University of London, UK, The Royal London Hospital and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London, UK, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK, University of Vienna, Faculty of Medicine, Austria and many other universities and colleges in various continents and countries.  



Apart from her various Doctor of Medicine Degrees, Professor Kingsley-Godwin has three Masters Degrees in medicine, medical sciences and medical education with informatics, three PhD degrees in various specialities in Medicine, which include: Public Health Medicine, General Practice Medicine and Primary Care with further MD Degree studies in General Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology in both adult and paediatric centres. She had achieved first class honours in her various degree qualifications in software engineering, informatics and scientific subjects, with awarded gold medals in her medical studies by the Joint Academies.   She also has a higher doctorate degree in Medical Sciences. Hence she has diverse backgrounds in Medicine, Science, Software Engineering, Informatics, Languages, Research and Education to name but few.


Professor Kingsley-Godwin has multiple medical specialities.  She is trained in General Internal Medicine with Gastroenterology speciality and has worked in the centre for adult and paediatric gastroenterology, Public Health Medicine, General Practice and Primary Care, Community and Social Medicine, Surgical Sciences and Histopathology. She has further higher qualifications and expertise in Medical Education, Haematology, Serology, Blood Transfusion, Immunology, Software Engineering, and Medical Informatics with interest in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence.



Professor Kingsley-Godwin also has specialist interests in Medical Research, Evidence-based Medicine and Practice, Clinical Audit, Quality in Patient Care. Global Health and Epidemiology. As a result, her work and activities are relevant to Secondary Care Clinicians, Family Physicians/General Practitioners, Gastroenterologists, Surgeons, Medical Scientists, Haematologists, Immunologists, Physiologists, Anatomical Pathologists/Histopathologists, Medical Engineers, Pubic Health Practitioners, Medical Informaticists, Medical Educators and other Multidisciplinary Healthcare Professionals.

 Professor Kingsley-Godwin is a Member and Fellow, including life membership of various professional bodies and organisations, in the UK and internationally.

Professor Kingsley-Godwin has worked in both Academic and Clinical Departments of General Practice and Primary Care, General Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Medical Education, Medical Research, Medical Informatics, Epidemiology and Public Health, and Gastroenterology both in adults and paediatrics centres at various institutions hospitals and organisations in the UK and around the World for many years, where she has successfully developed and evaluated different clinical, research and educational projects. She held the Chadburn Lectureship in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine, University of London, UK for many years, and taught both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, and doctors, including healthcare professionals in the UK and internationally.  She had worked as a Research Fellow in the Division of Medicine, at Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust and Guys, Kings and St Thomas’ Hospital School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London. 



 She was a Senior Academic and Intercollegiate Examiner in Medicine for Kings College, University of London, UK for many years.  She was also the Director and Senior Academic of the Epidemiology and Education Unit, at the University of London, UK for many years.



 Due to her having multiple medical specialities, Professor Kingsley-Godwin  also has multiple professorships in medicine, healthcare  and other subjects.  Thus she is a Professor of Medicine, Professor of Medical Sciences, Haematology, Serology and Blood Transfusion, Professor of Medical Education, Professor of Public Health Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, Professor of General Practice and Primary Care, Professor of Medical and Health Services Research, Professor of Medical Informatics, Professor of Surgical Sciences, Professor of Evidence-based Medicine and Quality in Healthcare for the Joint International Academies etc.  She is also a visiting Professor in General Practice and Primary Care, Clinical Epidemiology, Medicine and Medical Education for various Universities, institutions and organisations nationally and internationally.



She has supervised over 300 PhD theses, over 250 Master’s Degrees these and over 180 other healthcare professionals’ qualifications in the UK and internationally in various medical and healthcare specialities.


Professor Kingsley-Godwin has extensive experience in editorial and publications work for many years, working as expert in the fields. Thus, she is the Editor-in-Chief of the following Journals and Publications:





She is also the Chief Medical Director and Consultant for the IAHCP, including working as a specialist in General Practice/Family Medicine and Primary Care internationally.  Professor Kingsley-Godwin also works as Director of Public Health and Public Health Consultant for various organisations. 



Professor Kingsley-Godwin further works as the Project Leader and Principal Investigator in many medical, educational and healthcare research projects in the UK and internationally, which are all well-funded. 



Professor Kingsley-Godwin sits on many major Committees and Boards of various organisations and institutions in the UK and internationally.

What Professor Kingsley-Godwin does spans a broad arena with well-funded projects, which are applicable to both third world countries and the developed countries with advanced quality in patient care, and modern medical technologies and innovations provision at the for front of her work.  Professor Kingsley-Godwin believes in improving health and access to healthcare for all people in the World, irrespective of their backgrounds and status.



 Due to her diverse background in medicine, science, education and software engineering, and above all, her multiple specialities in medicine. Professor Daniella Kingsley-Godwin has a very lengthy publications list, addressing all areas in medicine, including issues in patient care, research and education.  Hence, she is the author of over 1,000 peer reviewed original papers, 810 review papers/articles and discussion papers, over 2,000 peer reviewed conference proceedings, 1,950 editorials, 730 books, and 850 reports and guides.



 Apart from achieving a high national and international reputation in medicine, research, informatics and education, Professor Kingsley also has the skills and knowledge of many major international languages, speaking about 18 languages. She also undertakes a lot of charitable and humanitarian activities both nationally and internationally.



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