Profile of Dr Stefan Dechev


Profile of Dr Stefan Dechev, MD

Dr Stefan Dechev is a specialist in Urology at the University Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment, ”Plovdiv” in the City of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Europe.


Dr Stefan Dechev was born in 1986 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Europe. He graduated from French  high school  in Plovdiv , Bulgaria.


He graduated with Master’s Degree in Medicine in 2011 from Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria for the qualification of Medical Doctor. He is a specialist in urology from 2018.


His fields of interests are in anatomy, medical science, including robotic, laparoscopic and minimal invasive surgery.


Dr Stefan Dechev has the following language skills: Bulgarian, French and English.


Dr Stefan Dechev is also a Trustee/Director of the Association of Health Care Professionals, Bulgaria (AHCPBG) and he is the Vice President and Officer of the AHCPBG.



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