Profile of Dr Dana Constantinescu

She is a Senior Doctor, having the specialization in General Medicine (Primary Care). She is also specialized in: Ultrasound, Homeopathy and laser therapy and has taken the diploma in Psychology, Oncology, Contraception and Infertility.

Dr. Dana Maria Constantinescu is member of the Romanian Homeopathy Society, Romanian Ultrasound Society ,the Romanian Medical Association of Sexuality, the Romanian Study of the Pain Association and of the Romanian Gastroenterology Society.

Furthermore, since January 2004 she is preparing her Ph Diploma in Gastroenterology.

Since September 2003 she is a Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Medicine and also Member of the Board of Trustees for the International Academy of Educational Services (2007).

She has published original papers in Romanian medical journals and she has participated at National and International Conferences and Debates with paper-works such as: "Art and Pathology - The Reflection of the complexes in Van Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec Works" (1987),"Medicine and Music - Human Intercommunication Factors"(1988), "Study on the genodermatosies manifested by disturbs of the Keratinisation Process" (1992), "Is there any connection between Nonalcoholic fatty liver suggested by ultrasound and dislypidaemias?" (1999), Metabolic Syndrome, Fatty Liver and the Fat Charge of the Pancreas - possible clinical and etiological correlations" (2001), "The relation between nonalcoholic fatty liver and Metabolic Syndrome in the primary care practice. Observational Study" (2005), "Psychosomatic disorders due to the modern life-stress, in General Practice-complementary therapy"(2006).

Dr. Dana Maria Constantinescu is working in present as Managing and Medical Director at MEDICLASS -an important Private Health Care Center in Bucharest..


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