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Editorial Board


Editor in Chief
Professor Dr D.E.C.C.O.H Kingsley-Godwin, International Journal of Medicine, London, UK

Associate Editors

Dr Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Elisaveta Nencheva, Bulgaria



Executive Managing Editor
Dr. Emily Henderson, International Journal of Medicine, New Zealand


Executive Events Director/Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Dr Mary Kelly, International Journal of Medicine, Australia


Executive Production Manager
Dr. Jackie Gilbey, International Medical Publishing Group (IMPG), Singapore

Editorial Assistants, Events and Projects Administrators
Angela Jackson, International Journal of Medicine, London, UK

Oreoluwa Iyanda, International Journal of Medicine, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Brian Smith, International Journal of Medicine, Bogota, Colombia


Ethics Committee
Dr. Dana Constantinescu, Romania
Dr. Alisa Martinez, Mexico

Dr Roman Ivanov, Russia


Medical Writer
Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin, MJ Publications, London, UK


Chair of the International Editorial Board
Dr Gordon Robinson, USA

International Editorial Board Members

Dr. A Abyad, Lebanon
Dr. Aslak Braatveit, Norway
Dr. Reiner Brettenthaler, Austria

Dr. Dana Constantinescu, Romania
Dr Amelia Hansson, Sweden

Dr Henry MacDonald, Ireland

Dr Janet Berry, Australia

Dr Timothy Haynes, UK

Dr Felix Warner, USA

Dr. Oliver Benjamin, USA
Dr. Felix Boyd, Canada

Dr. Ilse Hellemann, Austria
Dr. Alexander Kiderman, Israel
Dr. Maria Lopez, Spain
Dr. John Middleton, UK
Dr. Elissaveta Nencheva, Bulgaria  
Dr. Ana Fernando, Portugal
Professor Christos Lionis, Greece
Dr. Ola Samuelsson, Norway
Dr. Sarah Chan, Hong Kong
Dr. Melody Byrn, Zimbabwe
Dr Angela Matthews, USA
Dr. Mary Robins, USA
Dr. Peter Jones, Australia

Dr Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabia

Dr Manahil Elhaj, Sudan

Dr Andrew Obi,  Nigeria

Dr Sadaf Naveed, Pakistan

Dr Omar Juma, Tanzania

Dr Busayo Emmanuel Agbana, Nigeria

Dr Manahil Elhaj, Sudan


And a full International Editorial Advisory Board.






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