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Dr Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti - is an expert Healthcare Consultant who specialises in Quality of Medical Education and accreditation, and possesses strong quantifiable and systematic skills.  He provides advice on healthcare quality and systems design, implementation, assessment and improvement.  He is an Academician and Researcher, and currently an Assistant Professor, and Supervisor General of the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation at University of Dammam.  He also holds the position of the Director of the Directorate of Quality & Safety at King Fahd Hospital of the University.  Dr. Ahmed is an experienced leader that had established various programs in Healthcare organizations and educational institutions.  He has also extensive background in quality program management and strong communication skills; he was able to work successfully with all levels of providers in King Fahd Hospital of the University (KFHU) in pursuit of excellence in healthcare services. 


He is a certified Hospital Organisation and Higher Education surveyor and trainer on different topics of performance improvement models and techniques, accreditation by Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) standards, and National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation (NCAAA) for higher education, as well as leadership and professional development.  As a certified surveyor of NCAAA, provides assistance and recommends continuous improvement and maintenance of accreditation methodologies processes and tools. He also contributed to the progress and maintenance of educational programs at the University of Dammam, for which full and unconditional institutional accreditation was granted by the NCAAA. 


Dr. Ahmed is a certified Saudi Central Board of Accreditation for Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) surveyor, had surveyed a total of 22+ private and government-run hospitals to determine compliance with set CBAHI standards.  A key member of the Joint Commission International (JCI) Steering Committee of the King Fahd Hospital of the University (KFHU), responsible to monitor the accreditation process and compliance with  the standards and requirements.  With his leadership KFHU has managed all phases of the accreditation process and was able to obtain the JCI Accreditation for Academic Medical Centre Hospital with stellar results.


Dr. Ahmed shared in many conferences on quality and patient safety as an attendant and as speaker.  He has published three textbooks and over 20 scientific papers.  As a researcher and public speaker, he had also presented lectures, seminars and workshops on Quality, Accreditation systems, Professional Development and Leadership.  He is the Middle East Regional President and Board of Trustees member of the Association of Healthcare Professionals and Editorial Assistant of three (3) international journals namely: International Journals of Medicine, International Journal of Primary Healthcare and International London Journal of Primary Care. 



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